Accepted Papers
Electroculture, Radionics Biophotonic Transmission: a Synergistic Approach to Enhancing Plant Growth and Health

Thomas Imlauer, Vorticesdynamics, Strada Intrarea Ghioceilor 14, Petrești, 077067 Ilfov, Romania


This study examines the effects of stimulating electrical, radionic, and biophotonic fields and radiation on plant growth. The findings indicate significantly greater performance improvements in terms of plant growth, yield, and resilience compared to traditional planting and growing methods. Consequently, there is great potential to integrate this synergistic approach of electroculture and radionics into sustainable agriculture, where plants can be nurtured in a controlled environment without the detrimental impact of external influences during the critical initial growth phase, as is common in greenhouse cultivation. This could lead to more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices that harness the unseen energies of the natural world to enhance plant productivity and health.


Electroculture, radionics, rife, electrical field, magnetic field, electrostatic field, Biophotonic.

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